Skydive Central QLD can provide your Birthday Party, Wedding or special event in Rockhampton, Gladstone, Emu Park (or just about anywhere) - with a skydiving display!! Our Licensed Display Organizer (LDO) will plan, prepare and perform a skydiving display into just about any venue, and you can come along for the ride!

Skydiving events can be either tandem or solo, so if you want to skydive into your own event - we can do that! In the past we've skydived Santa, The Easter Bunny, and both Brides and Grooms into a variety of locations, including beaches in Emu Park, Tannum Sands and anywhere in Central Queensland.

We specialize in charity and fundraising events, where the addition of a tandem skydive is the perfect way for your special guest to arrive in style! Nobody is more special than the bride or groom for a wedding, how about the happy couple to-be, freefalling over Central Queensland as they skydive into their own wedding! The Queensland skydiving school has also organised sporting events, weddings, anniversaries, social events, corporate functions, parties and any other skydiving ideas you can think of!

All displays can be tailored to your requirements, so give us a call to arrange your own display Skydiving event!



Call Us for a quote on your trailored Display Skydive.